Thank you for visiting my blog. This writing is an honest, experiential journey that I am making.  As I remember, think and write, the very act of expression is, in itself, a learning experience, and through it I am learning; about myself, my feelings and my beliefs.  So it is not meant to be perfectly balanced, in fact, it is not meant to BE anything.  It is really about my own journey, the story and the teller are evolving with every word.

I am uncovering here my two passions in life: emotions and economy.   ‘How are they both linked?’ you may ask.  Well, I hope that you will see from this blog that they are most certainly connected..as time progresses I will explain.  Until we fully claim full responsibility of these two vital elements that operate continuously within our lives, we will never be able to start the journey towards freedom, body and soul.

And both of these stem from my yearning for TRUTH which is for most people, relative. Personal and universal truths, how they are different and the measurement or yardstick we can use for identifying inviolable truth will be my underlying orientation.


I am here to stand for the battered child of this world: emotions.  For the right of emotions to always be heard in every moment of our lives, in every institution of this world, in every activity and way of being.  That we may never say to them “shush and wait for another day to express yourselves”.  “Stay locked up, we shun you and we have no need of you.”  That we may welcome them in the household of our life, to enrich it beyond belief and to show us another universe that has existed since the beginning of our time, the denial of which has wreaked havoc on the world because it has been shunned by us.  Welcome my brother and sister, for you are the key to my true self, and I love you.  And when the wounds of our healing are clean, our true beauty will shine and we will create for humanity a world of love and peace and goodwill for all.


ECONOMY (text coming soon)


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