Desire, Dreaming & the Destination {Operation ‘Get Present’}

Notes Along The Way

Before I start sharing some of the things that have helped me to become more present, I figured it was important to define somewhat what I actually mean by the term ‘being present’.

Turns out defining what it is to be present – in words – is much harder than writing tips about it. Hence the time lag in my beginning this series.

My procrastination about ‘the definition post’ has caused me to pause and ponder quite a bit about the metaphor inherent in this situation (which of course hasn’t helped the time lag issue).

Here’s what I’ve noticed.

The Tip Phenomenon

It’s easy to love “tips”. In fact tips seem to be quite the fashion these days. I googled tips and found tip lists ranging from Al-Qaeda’s 22 tips for dodging drone attacks to very particular travel tips. It seems you can find tips relevant to almost any…

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