All emotions are held in our body and have been experienced since we were conceived.

They are made up of all our own experiences as well as those of all our ancestors and passed down via the memory of each generation.

As we go through life, we generally only allow ourselves to feel the ‘positive’ emotions and those which our parents and society approve of.  The painful, ugly ones we have learnt to deny….and even some of the happy, spontaneous ones, because we are told they are ‘silly and childlike’ and they leave us out of control.


All emotions are magnetic.  Whether we deny them or not. They attract experiences to us to express themselves and to show themselves. Emotions want to be part of our lives all the time.


We hear that thoughts create our reality, which is partly true, but what we don’t hear is that thoughts are a secondary representation of our emotions.  It is the emotions that drive it all.  This is why so many positive thinking practices don’t work.

ALL our emotions are projected upon the world and others. We literally SEE the world as we FEEL it inside. We do this without realising.  It is automatic.  And emotions attract and create events and circumstances to provide similar emotions to those we are holding inside, whether they are denied or not. This is guaranteed and the function of this law is to show us our TRUE emotions in the deepest part of ourselves, both the suppressed and the allowed ones.  It is the most beautiful gift we have been given: the law of attraction.

stunned face

So all the stories of our life, our ‘logical’ belief systems are in fact secondary representations of our emotions.   We need to sound really ‘reasonable’ and ‘normal’ so we try to make them sound logical which is socially acceptable.

As well as our ‘rational’ belief systems, we have emotional and physical addictions which do a good job of covering up our true feelings, too.  And the culture of suffering we grow up in supports this.  We’ve all got problems, haven’t we?  Problems are normal… that’s life, right?  Even wars, poverty, deprivation, economic loss, famine, strife, violence are seen as the normal outcome of ‘human nature’.

And this is what underpins the current and historical macro and micro system of economic and geopolitical control. This is why our lives and the whole planet are full of suffering and pain instead of bliss and happiness.

So, following this train of thought, we see the fundamental process that is going on behind all the so-called rational logic of our society.  Why we are enslaved to an economic system that exploits us, why we have to exploit others, not necessarily directly but by engaging in a monetary system that does this.  This is why we submit to nationalism that tells us that war is peace and that surveillance and defense are the only way to preserve freedom.

The truth of it all is that our denied emotions are driving everything in our lives and on the planet and suffering is the projection of it.  Suffering is not ‘normal’, nor is ‘human nature’ ‘normal’…..


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