Introduction to Mathematically Perfected Economy

It’s as close to a “do nothing” revolution as you’re ever likely to be handed on a silver plate!

Mathematically Perfected Currency & Economy

By Adriano, PfMPE Brasil – Co-authors; Darren Rooke, Gavin Davidson (France, UK)

It is not easy to summarize Mathematically Perfected Economy, because it has many ramifications. I tried to keep my answer lean, but it is nearly impossible. So, I ask you beforehand not to be upset by the extensiveness of this message.

MPE is basically a set of proven mathematical principles that identifies and clarifies the true nature of currency, and it’s life-cycle. It is a long-standing proof (a proven mathematical theorem, rather than simply a theory) of singular solution to the faults of any prospective economy. In the end it is a platform for the restoration of rights, and the rectification of the monetary systems accross the world. A complete prescription for the transformation of the current systems of exploitation into a proven just system.

It also categorically refutes any and all other “monetary reform” propositions out there…

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