Emotions Part 1


Here is my explanation gathered from many hours of personal work.  I have learnt all this from A J Miller, aka Jesus from the first century.  Now this may sound strange and very bizarre but what I found interesting was to experiment with what he teaches.  He, in fact, tells us not to believe anything he says but just to try it out.  This has begun to transform me, my experience of life and my circumstances. I still have a very long way to go because there are many layers of denial of emotions.  I allow myself to feel the lighter emotions in the beginning but as I go deeper, it gets more and more difficult because I begin to touch the really painful ones. 

Connection with God is the most important step to take in embracing my true and whole self as a human being and as a child of God.  God has been absent from my life.  I have denied all my emotional pain my whole life. I have created a facade to get what I need and to enable me to continue to deny my pain. My soul is my real self and it is the seat of my emotions, my passions, desires, personality, intentions, memories.  My emotional denials are stuck in my soul.  They are like black spots on my soul, preventing it from being true and loving. When I am humble and passionately desire to feel my real, soul- based emotions, and when I long for God’s love to enter me, it does.  God’s love has begun to heal me and will heal me more and more until I have released all the denied pain in my soul.  Then I will be happy and loving in every moment, no matter what happens.  Being happy and loving has a bad image in our society as it is interpreted as being a ‘goody-goody’.  This is far from the truth. It is just about feeling totally happy and comfortable as yourself all the time, expressing your true nature, feeling really good, and, as I imagine it, having a very happy and exciting life.  First I need to get the fear, sadness and pain out of me because it is blocking love and my true self. I have made a lot of progress.  The proof of this is in my life, my relations with myself and others and how I feel. I would say that if still have quite a long way to go.  But I need to take it one day at a time.


I recommend watching this video by AJ Miller, aka, Jesus from the first century:

How the Human Soul Functions


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