Emotions Part 3

SO, how do we GET to our emotions?

By just looking at our daily life, experiences and what is around us in our lives,

We get the picture of which emotions we are denying.

life in shambles

Everything we do and encounter produces an emotional response in us.

Many of these are emotional injuries we received from our parents and their parents etc..

It is each emotion that we need to let flow through us minute by minute.

We have a habit of locking down, not feeling, pushing away the bad ones.  And even some of the good ones.

This is denial.

life in shambles - quoting?

Strong habitual emotional reactions like yelling at others and crying or moaning about our problems does not mean we are expressing and feeling our emotions.


In fact, quite the opposite usually.

These expressions are a cover up operation.

There is something more.  Drill down deep.

Find the causal.  It’s only the causal emotion that matters.

The rest is fancy dress.

emotional denial

If you think you are not feeling anything most of the time and only notice your thoughts and body…

That is called numbness and is the best indicator of complete emotional lock down


So what do we do when we find it?

Then we must allow ourselves to experience this emotion fully.

FEEL it fully, let it wash over us, shake us, make us feel sick, cry, scream, kick, punch a pillow, make a long sound.  Anything.  Whatever it tells us to do.  If nothing, then nothing, just feel it.

Take 100% responsibility for it.  Even if you are being attacked.  Don’t blame.

Don’t dump it on another.

And we know it is released

When we no longer attract the same experiences.

Our outer world changes.

That is the indicator.

It’s called the law of attraction.


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