Emotions Part 2

Emotions are a whole universe and a mind that is intelligent beyond belief.  Words cannot easily explain them.

Emotions are not what we ‘think’ they are.  Drop all prior definitions.

Emotions are a whole universe and a mind that is intelligent beyond belief.  No words there.

And when we begin to discover the complexity of this world, then it begins to play its music to us.

It seems wierd at present but humans have lost a great part of this faculty.  It is the way to look into another world and understand it.

In actuality, emotions are a complex array of sounds, vibrations and colours and we have an infinite number of them. They don’t have words. They operate in metaphor, music, poetry..

So it is interesting to listen to them fully and they literally tell us, without words, what they are and where they come from.

They are magnetic and attract experiences, good and bad.

Discovering our own emotions is an incredible journey which takes us into unknown realms of intelligence.

This is not an idea or a theory, this is what we can and do experience.

When we get emotionally ‘triggered’, then it is interesting to look at that stuff.

When something or someone ‘presses our buttons’ we can see what it is, if we allow ourselves to feel it and to own it.

Something there that was hidden. That is the very moment to catch it.  When something triggers it.  It’s a perfect gift.

We say: ‘stop denying feelings?! Yeah that’s obvious, I’ve processed most of the bad stuff already…of course there are still a few issues but we can’t be perfect now, can we?’

And when we look at the reality of our daily life?  Hey, what’s going on? Not even close to perfect, in fact, abject misery for most….

The mantra ‘Don’t trust your feelings’ weighs heavily in the background ‘noise’ of our lives.

What to do??

We need to fully GET what feelings are.  And feel them fully, no matter the pain.

Because the bliss is there just underneath it, waiting to flood in.

And with this faculty fully awakened, we will become truly human.


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